Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gifts & The Tree Is Up! (no pics yet)

First of all, there are no pictures of the tree yet, but believe me, it is beautiful! Imagine a pink frosted tree with white lights and ornaments in all shades of pink with some blue accents. I was going to set it on the lovely baby afghan I bought from my friend Twyla, but I have had occasion to give that afghan as a baby gift and I used another pink, blue, and white crocheted blanket I had. Meredith has a pretty handsewn stocking bought from Etsy that is made of vintage materials - matches the tree perfectly! My daughter and I just finished it tonight. Meredith has a few cute red ornaments given to her that I have placed on our regular Christmas tree.
Most of these things above were made by BLMs for Meredith. There are two pictures of her Christmas Treasure Bean painted by Casey. There is no charge for the picture, and you can choose to buy the pebble and "bring it home", as she calls it. I have two pebbles painted by her that I have brought home.
The Name in the Stars was done by a mother named Amanda. I have had it for a while, but I saved it for Christmas because it reminds me of the Star that revealed where the Christ Child lay. The angels picture is a copy of a vintage Christmas card that was shared by a blogger.
My sweet friend Caroline made the red picture with the little Morehead angels on it. I have always loved the art of the Moreheads, especially their angels. Caroline has four children and two little children awaiting her in Heaven. she is a wonderful mother to all her children.
The cute bell was made by Trena, another sweet friend. Trena has two daughters and sadly watched her twin sons fly home to Jesus just a few months ago. Trena is making the best of the situation and is trying to look forward. I know how hard that can be.
A sweet lady on Facebook made the blue star for me. I feel so fortunate to have these gifts for Meredith and also want to thank the bloggers who have free images to share. That is a gift within itself. I hope someone takes a picture of the Christmas tree for me - soon!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Loving an Adult Rainbow Child

I am very proud of my three Rainbows - a boy and twin girls. They are such wonderful children. Yes, like all children and parents we may have differences of opinions on some issues, but we agree to disagree and go on with our close relationships.
Last night, we were invited to our son's house to celebrate hubby's birthday. DIL cooked a great meal and the grandchildren made Christmas crafts after dinner. The house was decorated inside and out for Christmas and a fire was roaring in the fireplace.
But when we arrived and my 32 year old son met us at the car, he reached in and hugged me, and I had to cry. It felt like I was propelled back into time and was holding his long 8 pound, 10 ounce, frame for the first time once again. It felt like his body melded into my arms like it did when he was an infant. I told him again how he had soothed my heart after Meredith died. No, he did not take her place, but he filled a huge void.
Every day, I thank God for the children He sent to me - a son and three daughters, one of whom lives with the Lord Himself. Thank you Lord for my three precious Rainbows.