Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missing You

Oh, Meredith, sometimes I look at your blog just to see your picture on the screen. I have so many things to write about but I just can't some days. I miss you - you made my first dream come true, that of being a mother. I will always miss you. You were, and will forever be, a big part of my world. Thank you, Lord, for sending us this precious piece of humanity.
(Thank you, Kristie, for this lovely collage. it warmed my heart!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prayers and a Tiny White Coffin

I was watching the news yesterday, viewing the disaster in Brazil. These past few days there have been floodings in Australia and other countries, a tragic shooting in Arizona, mudslides in Brazil, and myriads of other tragedies on a much smaller scale. When I turned on the TV, a picture of a man from Brazil was on the screen. He was holding the tinest snow white coffin. It must have been 18 inches long, maybe a bit longer, but not much. The announcer was saying, "...and even babies have been caught up in the floods."
I prayed immediately for these parents, for I know the pain of child loss. I prayed for the thousands of others who have lost so much, or all they had, this week. My finite mind cannot understand such pain, but I can pray for these people.
And, I can change my thinking.
When I need to do a household chore, I will forget that my back hurts, do it, and thank God I have a home to attend to.
When I pay for a medical bill, instead of complaining that insurance should have paid more, I will gladly write the check and thank God I have medical care and health insurance.
When I get a glass of tap water and think bottled would taste better , I will thank God I have water at all, and clean water at that.
When I have a peanut butter sandwich and wish I felt well enough to make a home cooked meal, I will thank God I have something to eat, period.
I am so spoiled. I have SO much, and need to fully appreciate what I do have.
Yes, I have buried a child, but I will remember the other man the announcer mentioned - the one who lost all four of his children, had to dig each out of the mudslide, and walked for miles to take each to be buried.
Lord, I thank you immensely for everything I have. I can't do much for these people of tragic circumstances, but I can pray for them and I promise to do that faithfully.