Beautiful necklace made by Tina (mommy to angels Sophia & Ellie) as a blog prize from Ashley, angel Mackenzie's mommy
Mother's Day Project from Sarah, Rory's sister

 For our angels, from Sandie, mommy to Jessica
Valentine's gift from Shannon, angel Chaya's mommy
Valentine's gift from Bree, mommy to angel Ella & sweet Nora
Caroline made these beautiful pictures for Meredith. Thank you so much, Caroline!

Lovely Abiding Hope Collage  made by Franchesca in honor of her Jenna Belle

    My penpal in Germany, Regina, emailed me this photo of her garden for my birthday. She and I connected through the Teen magazine Penpal Program in 1970 and have been communicating ever since. This rose reminds me of my One Perfect Rose.

This is Meredith's flower in Rory's Garden, photographed by Sarah & Richard. I could hardly believe the perfection of this blossom. The garden is in memory of their brother Rory, gone too soon from this Earth.

Baby Meredith at her graveside service, October 7, 1974

Memory box I ordered from Franchesca. She so graciously made it pink for me. It is lovingly handmade and includes the words from Meredith's Abiding Hope Collage.

An angel baby with roses - how much more appropriate can it get?

Sweet Bree made this for me in memory of her darling Ella. It arrived on October 7, 2009, the 35th anniversary of Meredith's funeral and also the birthday of my sister, Janet Susan, who was stillborn on October 7, 1941

The butterfly below was also made by Bree for my friend Rita's baby,  Krystal Rita, who was stillborn in February, 1972.  Sadly, Rita was never allowed to see or hold her baby, and she was buried in an unknown grave.  Rita doesn't have a blog, so I wanted to honor baby Krystal here.

Female monarch butterfly released for Meredith by Rachel, whose Triplet Butterfly Wings site is in memory of her darlings Jaxon, Colin, and Courtney

Lisa and her husband Jonathan established Waterfall Angels in memory of their sweet baby Jasper and their other little ones who left too soon. This lovely waterfall is in Florida.

Lea makes soft as silk angel wings in honor of her baby Nicholas. This was one of the first gifts I received for Meredith after I discovered this loving community of BLMs.

Sent to me by my sweet friend, Lynn

Kelly Gerkin sent me a soft Dreams of You bear and memory book from her Sufficient Grace Ministries.  Her dear mother designed the bears and her babies in Heaven, Faith, Grace, and Thomas, inspired this ministry.

Debby sent me this sweet handkerchief to catch my tears shed for my baby girl. Debby's For Your Tears ministry has comforted many bereaved mothers and fathers.  Debby also gave me permission to use some of
the pictures above which she has posted on her blog. Thank you Debby for your love to the babyloss community.

Beautiful rose from Lisa, Jasper's Mommy. Lisa established Waterfall Angels in honor of Jasper, who story is on his blog, Jasper, Forever Our Firstborn.