Monday, September 26, 2011

Reminder: Giveaway For Meredith's Birthday - WINNERS

I failed to put a time that I would draw for winners, so I will leave it open until her birthday which is October 3. I will draw names the next day. ( Comment on previous post, please, to enter).

WINNERS October 4 - (I wrote all your names on pieces of paper and drew the old fashioned way. Because so many people wanted the Forget Me Not figure, I gave away the one I ordered for myself, too. I wish I had one for all of you. Each of you who entered will be getting a little remembrance from me.)
Book - Crystal Theresa
FMN figure - Brigitte
FMN figure - Shauna
Calendar - Mary Yee
Calendar - Trennia
Birthday Calendar - Caroline
Birthday Calendar - Heather

Thank you all so much for celebrating Meredith's birthday with me! I thought it was really unusual that the two ladies who won the Willow Tree figures live in the same town in the same state! That was just random chances! What are the mathematical odds??? I will be contacting those of you for whom I don't have your address. (((HUGS)))

MARIA - please email me at I do not have your address to send you a little remembrance gift.


Trennia said...

Happy Heavenly Birthday Meredith...(((hugs))) to your momma...
Sarita thinking of your precious Meredith today, and keeping you in my thoughts and you,take care.

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