Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To our Rainbow Twins

We in the baby loss world often refer to our babies after loss as "rainbow" babies. These children are certainly rainbows after the storm. Thirty years ago,the Lord blessed us with a set of twins, born two years, two weeks, and three days after our first rainbow, a little red haired son. They were surprise babies, and their twinship was a surprise, although we had known for about a month before their birth. We had never recovered from the shock of seeing two skeletons on that X-ray, one head up and one head down. When I went into labor on July 7,1980, I was in mild discomfort and thought I was having indigestion from leftover baked beans.
The day went on, and I finally realized that I might want to visit the doctor, who had his nurse hurriedly drive me next door to the hospital without waiting for my husband, and about an hour later we were the parents of Amanda, 4lbs,4ozs and Angie, 4lbs,7ozs. They were in good shape, just needed a little oxygen, bili lights, and two weeks of obtaining body fat and learning to eat. I have the bill around here somewhere, but I seem to remember that the special care nursery was $85.00 a day! One cannot go the doctor for that today, if one had to pay without insurance. This has been a long introduction to say that I want to wish our precious daughters a very special birthday today. You have both been gifts from the Lord. You have done so much for us,and given us so much love. We love you and appreciate you so very much! Thank you, God, for knowing our blessings and needs before we did and sending us this perfect package from above.

Two cribs are in the bedroom,
Two mobiles gently flutter.
We had to get another chest
To store the extra clutter!
A double stack of diapers
Are beside one baby's bed,
And there sit two warmed bottles
Just waiting to be fed
To our two precious daughters,
All pink and white and new.
You see, instead of one baby,
God surprised us with two!
-SGB, 2/11/82.


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Happy Birthday to your daughters, sweet Sarita! What a double blessing! So glad I found your blog...and so sorry it took me so long. It looks lovely. And...thank you for the gift you sent remembering my Faith and Grace awhile back. It was so thoughtful of you...and truly blessed me. Thank you...and a way belated welcome to blogland.

Love to you...

Kristin said...

I can imagine that would be quite a surprise! :) Happy Birthday to Amanda and Angie! I love your poem too.

Holly said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to your daughters!

elena said...

Happy Birthday to your daughters (sorry my wishes are late).

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