Friday, September 10, 2010

Memorial Collages From Franchesca

Franchesca began Abiding Hope Collages in honor of her sweet Jenna Belle who flew to Heaven too soon. She made Meredith's personal collage several months ago. For the first anniversary of this mission, Franchesca asked for names to be included for this memorial collage. I asked for Meredith's name to be added, as well as some other family members who passed away as babies:

James Calvin Barton, my Dad's brother

Janet Susan Barton, my sister

Joshua Gregory Myers, my great - nephew

Cason Ray Adams, my cousin

James Calvin died in 1921, shortly after my Dad's father was killed by lightning. I can only imagine the sorrow of my grandmother, who lost her husband and child so closely together.

My sister Janet was stillborn on October 7, 1941. She was buried on the same day, and Meredith was buried on October 7, 1974. Joshua was a preemie and Cason died at 6 weeks of age. All of these babies' deaths left big holes in their loved ones' hearts.

I was looking at the Abiding Hope site tonight, looking at new collages of babies who passed away in 2010. In a few months it will be 2011 and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the Lord does not return first, there will be collages for babies made who left for Heaven in 2011. I wish it were not true, but those are the facts. We can pray, give to March of Dimes and other research groups, but there is no easy overnight fix for the infant mortality rate in this country. The county I live in has one of the highest rates in the country. I appreciate Franchesca and other BLMs who do things to ease the hearts of those who have said goodbye to children.


Kristin said...

Those collages are so special. I am so sorry for the losses your family has endured. I cannot imagine how painful that must have been.

Debby said...

It's a beautiful collage.

Holly said...

I love her collages and the memorial one she did is wonderful!

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